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Welcome to Pitch Up

Pitch Up is Australia's first online sports booking platform specifically focussed on serving women and girls. Our mission is to help level the playing field by providing fair access to safe, quality, and fit-for-purpose facilities at local sports venues within the community. Pitch Up's #1 goal is to create more opportunities and spaces for you to play the game you love!      

About Pitch Up

Pitch Up is an online sports booking platform serving women and girls in Australia.


We believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to play sport and reach their potential. In December 2015, the Victorian Government published a report that revealed this isn't always the case. The report shed light on gender inequality in sports and recreation whilst also outlining a way forward, to help change and improve sport and recreation for all involved. Fast-forward almost 10 years and while progress has been made, there's still more we can do!


By curating female-friendly facilities and enabling community teams and individuals to book with ease, Pitch Up aims to help women and girls all over Australia to participate and fulfil their sporting goals. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you too can Pitch Up and play! 

Image by Alliance Football Club
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