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Book sports fields and courts at schools in your local community 

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Carrying Soccer Bag

Pitch Up is helping level the playing field for women and girls in sports and active recreation by providing fair access to previously under-utilised or inaccessible community sports facilities. While female sport and participation is at an all-time high there are still many gender-biased barriers that make it harder for females to participate and reach their best. Pitch Up is committed to removing these barriers by curating high-quality, fit-for-purpose, and safe sporting environments for all, starting with women's and girls' community and club teams. 


Looking for a suitable sports venue for your women's and/or girls' sports team? Pitch Up has you covered. Our online booking platform makes it easy to find safe, reliable and quality facilities for your team so you can spend less time on admin and more time on the field!

All facilities have been inspected by one of our team to ensure they meet our (and your) high-standards. If you find any of our partner school facilities don't live up to your expectations, please let us know about it here and we'll find you a new venue, on the house. 


Each venue is vetted to ensure it is safe and secure for use outside of school hours.

You can sort venues based on their safety rating (coming soon!) when you search. Your venue's safety policy will also be communicated to you after you book. 


We pride ourselves on offering the best quality facilities no matter what your sport.


We notify you ahead of time if there's a weather cancellation and show you alternative options for casual/short term bookings where applicable.  


Each venue is curated based on your club or group's specific needs.


Want changing-rooms? You got it. Need an all-weather field. No problem. Last minute goalie? Ok, you got us there, but for everything else, just let us know in your Club Expression of Interest


Pitch Up has been a game-changer for our women's team. We're now able to train and play games at our preferred times; this frees up some of our senior players to coach the younger girls' teams. It's made huge difference, to both the senior and junior players and is fantastic for the Club as a whole.

NPL Women's Player & Coach

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